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First Year

  • In this year the trainee learns about safety and environment, use of fire extinguishers, artificial respiratory resuscitation to begin with. He gets the idea of trade tools & its standardization, identifies different types of conductors, cables & their skinning & joint making. Basic electrical laws like Kirchhoff’s law, ohm’s law, laws of resistances and their application in different combinations of electrical circuit are practiced along with laws of magnetism.
  • The trainee practices on circuit for single phase and poly-phase circuits for 3 wire /4 wire balanced & unbalanced loads. Skilling practice on different types & combination of cells for operation and maintenance is being done.
  • Wiring practice with installation of different accessories like MCB, distribution fuse box and mounting energy meters are practiced as per IE rules for hostel/residential building, workshop and its fault detection are done by trainee.
  • The trainee will practice for pipe & plate earthing. Different types of light fitting are to be done like HP/LP mercury vapour and sodium vapour are prominent. The trainee will practice on different types of measuring instruments for measurement of electrical parameters in single & three phase circuits. He will gain skill on range extension, calibration and testing of meters. Practice for dismantling, assembling and testing of heating element equipment, induction heating equipment, grinding machines and washing machines will be done by trainee. Skill will be gained on transformer for operation, efficiency, series parallel operation, replacement of transformer oil and combination of single-phase transformers for 3 phase operation. The trainee will practice on winding of small transformer.

Second Year

  • In this year the trainee will study the details of electrical rotating machines viz. DC machines, induction motors, alternators & MG sets and practice on them.
  • The trainee will practice on determining characteristics, their performance analysis, starting, speed control and reversing direction of rotation of machines. He will practice on parallel operation & synchronization of alternators, winding practice and over hauling will be practiced for DC machine and induction motors. Practices on diodes for bridge rectifier, switching devices & amplifiers by electronic components, different wave shape generation and testing by CRO.
  • Designing control cabinet, assembling control elements and their wiring are to be practiced. Speed control of AC/DC motors by electronic controller will be practiced. The trainee will practice on testing, analyzing and repairing of voltage stabilizer, emergency light, battery charger, UPS and inverter. He will gain knowledge of thermal, hydel, solar & wind energysystems.
  • The trainee will practice on distribution system, domestic service line and accessories & their protection by practicing on relay and circuit breaker for operation and maintenance. Install and troubleshoot Electric Vehicle charging stations. 
    Qualification The certificate is Authorized by India
    10th pass Ministry of Skill Development and Training


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