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About Us

About Us!

We the Jesuitsthrough our pioneering education initiatives, identified Ranipet as one of the main places to provide technical skills to the youth of the underprivileged and the socially marginalized sections. Ranipet is one of the main industrial hubs in the state of Tamil Nadu and hence the LoyolaIndustrial School (Loyola IS) was planned and started on 31st July, 2003and later we also started Loyola Industrial Training Institute (Loyola ITI) on 01st July, 2014 having its mission to provide technical skills and job-oriented industrial training for ensuring employment. Also, we equip the trainees with hands on experience to get placed in the companies for socio-economic development. The students are from northern part of Tamil Nadu covering the districts of Ranipet, Vellore, Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Kanchipuram, Chengelpattu and Chennai.


Beyond imparting knowledge, we instil hope in them. In a country where unemployment rates continue to rise, our institutions stand as a firm pillar, ready to empower its students with the confidence to tackle future challenges.

The education provided at our Institutions goes beyond the conventional classroom setting. Students benefit from practical, hands-on training in well-equipped labs, gain exposure through industrial visits, internships, seminars, and engage in various skill-oriented activities. Alongside technical skills, the institution plays a vitalrole in accompanying the students on holistic development, offering training in spoken English, cultural enrichment, leadership development, computer literacy, life skills, and literary talents. This approach ensures that students are not only prepared for jobs but also for life.


Indeed, the journey of our technical institution is a story of empowerment.As our institution continues to script tales of triumph, we constantly thrive to unlock the potential of every student and equip them for a brighter, and more prosperous future. Our Technical Institution is not just unlocking opportunities; but also sets souls on fire with the flames of transformation.


Let us mission together to our students to be skilful, powerful & employable.


Core Values

  • Offering technical education for the dropout and failed candidates
  • Imparting technical knowledge, both theory and practical, by experienced staff
  • Developing self-confidence through various training programmes
  • Providing the best possible infrastructure along with leading edge machinery for acquiring the technical knowledge
  • Preparing for better placement in industries, government sectors and make them be entrepreneurs
  • Accompanying them for a holistic living and helping them become competent, effective and socially responsible citizens

• Social Responsibility

• Self-confidence

• Technical Strength 

• Employability

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